Lista delle categorie di prodotti Armet / Italchair

[IT]Here below is the list of Italchair products categories. Mostly are finished items. However Italchair sells also (in a not marginal quantity ) also sub-components of its own production (typically metal tube frames). Interesting are also components bought from external supplier (plywood, plastics, etcetera), which can be sold on at an interesting ration price / quantity.


[IT]Metal Chairs, Tables and Home Accessoriers

The Armet by Italchair brand embodies the history of the Ferronato family, starting in the 70's in the home garage the production of metal chairs, focusing on the continous efforts on using machines and automation on the lavoraton of metal tube.


LOLO-ELENA-G certificata anche DIN


La sedia LOLO-ELENA-G ha ricevuto la certificazione DIN 68878-1:2011, par. 6.3.2 Questo si aggiunge alla precedente certificazione (contract


DOPPINO certificato


Lo sgabello DOPPINO ha ricevuto la certificazione uso domestico passando (tra altri) i test: - Resistenza a fatica del sedile-schienale EN


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